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National Semiconductor release package integrated inductors Power Modules
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National Semiconductor (NationalSemiconductor) issued the required power supply voltage regulator circuit IC, MOSFET and inductors, and most other components integrated in a package of the power supply module "SIMPLESWITCHERPowerModule" (Figure 1). They no longer have need for an external inductor, so easy to power supply circuit design. Used in medical equipment, broadcasting video equipment, communications equipment and industrial equipment with the FPGA, microprocessor, as well as DSP-powered point of load (pointofload, PoL) converters.

Figure 1: The central black package is SIMPLESWITCHERPowerModule. Overall size width 10.16mm × length 13.77mm (includes terminal part) × thickness 4.57mm.
features of the product is packaged with other companies of products containing inductor compared to the power conversion efficiency of 3 to 5 percentage points higher, run-time package surface temperature is only about 10 ℃ (Figure 2, Figure 3). According to reports, the use of a low-resistance MOSFET, and the optimization of switching circuits, thus increasing power conversion efficiency, heat dissipation is concerned, through the underside of the package set up a large area of copper cooling area, the package thermal resistance (θJA ) was reduced to 20 ℃ / W. Built-in inductor with shield, and the use of packaging technology to reduce EMI to meet the CISPR22B type electromagnetic radiation standards. Its built-in inductor line purchases from other companies, using standard techniques. The switching frequency of power supply module 1MHz.

Figure 2: National Semiconductor's products (left) and other competing products (right) run-time temperature comparison. Input voltage of +5 V, output voltage +2.5 V, output current of 3A, the ambient temperature is about +25 ℃. Installed in the 1.6-inch square on a two-layer printed wiring backplane. Copper layer thickness of 0.03556mm. Package peak surface temperature of National Semiconductor's products (LMZ10504) to +62 ℃, competition from other companies, products +75 ℃.

Figure 3: National Semiconductor's Power business unit director of product management AlexChin introducing products
In addition to these three models already in production of products, the company will also be an input voltage range of +6 ~ 42V and +4.5 ~ 20V supply of the product after another for the 1A and 2A output current style, in the input voltage range of +2.95 ~ 5.5V supply of the product after another for the 3A and 5A output current style. Packages are supplied with the first 3 of the same product. In addition, the company also said that in future the introduction of a larger output current product, ready to use a higher package thermal characteristics.

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